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Vmware and Kernel Compilation Problem

Today virtualization is the buzzing word that is making the world spin[:-)]. Everyone is talking about virtualization solutions, since it offer better resource utilization. There are many virtualization software available in market, but my personal favourite is VMware. Recently I … Continue reading

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Fedora 15 and USB Device

Today I encountered a strange problem with fedora-15. When I plugged-in USB disk to my laptop, the USB disk failed to auto-mount and showed error “Unable to mount device, Input/Output Error”. I tried to mount manually in terminal using: #sudo … Continue reading

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Benefits of Cloud Computing for Users

In recent post, we discussed the history of cloud computing and in this post, we will discuss benefits of cloud computing from user’s perspective . Cloud computing have several benefits that includes:-  Infinite and elastic resource scalability, On demand “just-in-time” provisioning, … Continue reading

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