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It includes all the posts that are related to FOSS/ GNU. I am a foss activist so have lots of thing to share about foss. All the post that have tag FOSS/GNU have public license.

Fedora 16 and gnome

Recently I upgraded Fedora 15 to Fedora 16. Everything was going great while upgrade process. But after finishing upgrade when I tried to login with gnome, I got error message. And login will fail with the “Oh no! Something has … Continue reading

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Reassign the name of network interface in Linux

Hello folks, Sometimes, it creates problem, when you add a new Ethernet interface to your system/Virtual Machine, the name assigned to interface is something else not eth0/eth1 (in case of its your second interface). Actually, it depends on the Linux … Continue reading

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Multilingual Interaction

Introduction: Here I am presenting an idea, that can bring revolution in the Human-human Interaction. The Multilingual Project will help to overcome the language barrier by developing a device or environment that can perform personalised speech to speech translation, such … Continue reading

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