First day at job

Hello guys,
I was out of network since I have to get prepared for joining TCS(Tata Consultancy Services). For joining TCS, I traveled almost 3 day. Yah, It took 3 days to reach here, Coimbatore.
Last 3 days were quite boring in train but the joy and excitement of first job was the main reason to bear those boring days. Now at Coimbatore, we were accommodated in Thangum Lodge by TCS , a so so lodge to stay.


About bijolianabhi

Graduate from Engineering College Bikaner, India in 2010 and working as Open Source activist. I love programming and implementing interesting ideas. I have interest in Mozilla Firefox extension development. I am currently learning basics of python to develop some interesting applications.
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2 Responses to First day at job

  1. vzades says:

    Congrats and best of luck for future

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