Dreams and Success

Hello folks,

This is Abhinav Chittora, writing his last post from home since I have to move Coimbatore. Recent some days was not good for me but its part of life and we can not control those, but life is the name to move. I am moving to start a new life there. Coimbatore is going to be place where I will be trained for job by Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. Now life is going to change the direction.

Now come to the main point, some people asked me how to get success in life, although it’s not that easy to answer this question since your answer can make/ spoil someone’s life, so I decided to answer this question a little diplomatic. I answer if you want to success in life just think about your dream, its only your dream that can being success. But only dreaming is not enough you have to work for that dream. Wright Brother’s dreamed about flying and at last they invented the Aeroplane. Mahatma Gandhi dreamed about independent India and now we are independent. There are a lots of such examples who dreamed and got success. They dreamed and work hard to get that, there was their dream behind their success. Their dream motivated them to work hard and to choose right way.

So to get success start dreaming and work hard to get that.

Abhinav Chittora

(Published from Android)


About bijolianabhi

Graduate from Engineering College Bikaner, India in 2010 and working as Open Source activist. I love programming and implementing interesting ideas. I have interest in Mozilla Firefox extension development. I am currently learning basics of python to develop some interesting applications.
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