Draft Idea !!

Hello friends,

After about a month I am here a draft about the idea behind the start-up. I heard that “Necessity is mother of inventions”. Now I can prove that. Since I have an example for that.

Before I give you idea, what my start-up is going to do. Please assumes these conditions :-

  1. You have no internet connections [it will be worst condition for an engineer [:P] ].
  2. You have Nokia 1100 or such a model that doesn’t have ability to  install application on it. [it is again a worst condition since everyone have Nokia N/E series Or Sony’s Cyber-shot. A phone without multimedia capabilities life sucks.]
  3. You are not at home and not carrying a dictionary [its most common condition for the engineer since he/she always live out of home and doesn’t carry anything else his girlfriends bags. [:P] ]

In this condition you stuck at a word. You are trying to get meaning of that word but your mind is not working at that time. What will you do?

Possible solutions are:-

  1. You can call your friend,
  2. You can leave that word,
  3. You can write that in your notebook and will search in dictionary when available.
  4. Or you will think about a person(service) that can offer you meaning of the word and give you some interesting details about the word.

Yes, I am working on the fourth solution. I am going to offer such a service that will give you meaning of  the word on just a SMS, which will cost you just 1 Paisa/SMS.

In this service you have a number and you have to send a SMS  “ENG APPLE” (in this case you are finding meaning of APPLE) to that no. As a reply you will get 2-3 SMS containing meaning and some interesting facts about the word APPLE. Since in current scenario SMS will cost just 1 Paisa so you can improve your vocabulary in just 1 Paisa/word.

I know, a lots of other sources of improving your vocabulary but via mobile I think it will be first service.


About bijolianabhi

Graduate from Engineering College Bikaner, India in 2010 and working as Open Source activist. I love programming and implementing interesting ideas. I have interest in Mozilla Firefox extension development. I am currently learning basics of python to develop some interesting applications.
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