hOw to ConTriBute ?

Open Source logo

Open Source logo

Open Source Ideology is spreading all over the world. It is leaving marks on every ones mind/heart. Many people, who heard about open source software, loved the idea. They are using open source software. But it’s not enough, People who are working for open source project needs your help. You have to come ahead and start contributing for the project.

If you like open source ideology then use and contribute for the project. Your contribution for the project will make the project better. You can contribute via following ways:

1. Contribute Quality

You can help to make a better project, better looking and with a new feature. You can submit a bug report, Suggest a new option/feature, Suggest ways to improve the frameworks, submit your artwork, if you are artist, correct grammar and spelling mistakes in documentation, help in maintaining a website for open source project.

2. Contribute Documentation

You can help to make a better documentation since some projects have poor and insufficient documentation. You can help in writing good documentation, translate the documentation into another language, read existing documentation, follow the examples, and make corrections, create diagrams, screen-shots, and graphics for documentation, develop spelling and grammar style conventions for documenters, build a glossary of technical terms (so non geek people can understand), convert documentation into more useful formats.

3. Contribute Support

You can contribute via providing support to new users. Everybody needs it at least once. Let the programmers do their work while you help other people. Answer questions on forums, mailing lists or IRC channels, contribute to (or start) an online support group, help other people learn how to use the program, write HOWTOS and post them in related forums.

4. Contribute Appreciation

It’s an extra way to contribute but may be most important. You can express your appreciation to developers through email or forum post, or by sending the programmers post cards or by giving a project or developer a gift. Be polite when reporting bugs or asking for a new feature, developers have no obligation to do it after all.

5. Contribute publicity

If the project gets popular there will be more people wanting to contribute. For publicize the project, you can make a package for a particular Linux distro (or other OS) or convince people to choose open source products when possible or write review about the project or write about new way of using an open source program.

6. Contribute Money

Many open source projects have a donate button, but there are other ways to contribute money. You can send a developer, project or company some money. You can buy a free software product or associated product. You can hire open source developers. You can contribute hardware, bandwidth. You can advertise the project by showing ads on your site. You can buy a product of companies that supports open source software.


About bijolianabhi

Graduate from Engineering College Bikaner, India in 2010 and working as Open Source activist. I love programming and implementing interesting ideas. I have interest in Mozilla Firefox extension development. I am currently learning basics of python to develop some interesting applications.
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