Precognition Criminal Law

Today, I encountered a man who was not happy with the criminal laws around the world. According to him, our criminal laws doesn’t prevent the crime. He believes that our laws doesn’t pamper/give relief to the victim. Once the crime is done, victim has to live with the consequences. Our laws may give punishment to criminal but it doesn’t help the victim to overcome the side effects of crime. He was strong supporter of laws that can prevent the crime before happening.

This reminds me a good movie named The Minority Report directed by Steven Spielberg. The whole movie was based on the idea called Precognition of crime. In the movie, in near future we will have set up a division of special operatives who can prevent the crime before happening it with the help of 3 special kids Agatha Lively, Arthur and Dashiell “Dash” Parker. These special kids jointly have powers to predict the future and inform the division about the crime before it actually happens. In that movie, these special kids (precogs) predicts that John Anderton (Tom Cruise) who was also the chief of that division will murder a man named Leo Crow in 36 hours. Anderton doesn’t know Crow, but the division begins to hunt Anderton and it turns out that Crow grabs Anderton’s gun and pushes the trigger, killing himself. Thus this proves that precogs are not always right. After this Anderton come to know about Lively’s murder (Agatha’s drug addicted mother) and finds there were two attempts on her life, the first stopped by PreCrime but the second, occurring minutes later, succeeded. Later these kids predicts that the director of that division Lamar Burgess (Max von Sydow), going to kill Anderton. Burgess corners Anderton, and explains that as he could not afford to let Lively take Agatha back without impacting PreCrime, he arranged to kill Lively following an actual attempt on her life, so that the murder would appear as an echo to the technician within PreCrime and be ignored. Anderton then bring attention to Burgess’s dilemma: If Burgess kills Anderton, he will be imprisoned for life, but PreCrime will be validated; if he spares Anderton, PreCrime will be discredited and shut down. Anderton reveals the ultimate flaw of the system: Once people are aware of their future, they are able to change it.

Let me cite here from Wikipedia “Spielberg said that the arrest of criminals before they have a chance to commit their crimes in the movie had some real world background in post 9/11 America, commenting that “[w]e’re giving up some of our freedom so that the government can protect us.” The future world in Minority Report of retinal scans, robotic human inspectors, and intrusive, individualized, public advertising arrived in American theaters as the country was debating how much governmental intrusion into personal matters was necessary to ensure safety of its citizens. Spielberg said he would be against a PreCrime system if it were ever possible, as he believes that if it did exist, those in control of it would undoubtedly abuse its powers.”

So if we somehow manage to predict the future crimes before its actual execution, it is possible that we can prevent the crimes to happen. However, there are chances that those in control this technology may misuse the power and, we may end up with capturing people who haven’t committed any actual crime. Are we ready to pay that price?

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Querying Nodes, Events, Schedules and Sessions from the TSM Server

IBM TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) is a well known backup and restore tool for enterprise and midsize companies. Once you are connected to TSM server using following command, you can query using 2 ways i.e. using select query and TSM predefined query commands.

dsmadmc -se=<tsm server>

Following are the commands that you need to query node, Event, Schedule and Sessions: –

  • q node – display information of one or more registered nodes
  • q event – display information of scheduled event’s status
  • q schedule – display information of one or more schedules
  • q session – display information of current session of TSM server.


Querying Nodes

Display the information on all registered client nodes :

tsm> q node

Display the information on the node named ALPHA:

tsm> q node ALPHA

Display complete information on the node named ALPHA :

tsm> q node ALPHA f=d

Querying Nodes

Display the information for 10 days, for all events, scheduled on the node named ALPHA:

tsm> q event * * begind=-10 endd=today node=ALPHA

Display the complete information for 10 days :

tsm> q event * * begind=-10 endd=today f=d node=ALPHA

Display the information, for all events, scheduled on the node named ALPHA, during specific days :

tsm> q event * * begind=01/15/2013 endd=01/20/2013 node=ALPHA

Querying Schedules

Display the information on all registered schedules :

tsm> q sched

Display the information about schedule INCR_2000 in domain STND_ALL:

tsm> q sched STND_ALL INCR_2000

Display the complete information about schedule INCR_20H :

tsm> q sched * INCR_2000 f=d

Display associated schedules, for the node named ALPHA:

tsm> q sched node=ALPHA

Display nodes associated with a schedule INCR_2000 :

tsm> q assoc * INCR_2000

Display nodes without associated schedule :

tsm> SELECT node_name FROM nodes WHERE node_name NOT IN (SELECT node_name FROM associations)

Querying Sessions

Display the information on all current sessions :

tsm> q sess 

Display the information on sessions from a node named ALPHA:

tsm> SELECT client_name,session_id,start_time,CAST(bytes_sent/1024/1024 \
AS DEC(8,2)) AS "MB_Sent", CAST(bytes_received/1024/1024 AS DEC(8,2)) \
AS "MB_Rcvd" FROM sessions WHERE client_name='ALPHA'


PS: Thanks for IBM & ShellHacks . For more info you can always refer IBM redbooks.

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Vmware and Kernel Compilation Problem

Today virtualization is the buzzing word that is making the world spin[:-)]. Everyone is talking about virtualization solutions, since it offer better resource utilization. There are many virtualization software available in market, but my personal favourite is VMware.

Recently I upgrade my host system’s Linux kernel and after upgrading when I tried to open VMware, it throws error that it need to compile the kernel. I allowed VMware to compile the kernel but it was a failed attempt.

After searching I found that VMware version 8.0.2 have some problem with latest kernel, so I need to patch the kernel. So here is a link that have a patch attached. If you are also facing the same issue then apply the patch and let me know if there is any other issue.

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